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12 Days of Christmas Workout 2012

Posted on 20 December, 2012 at 15:14
12 Days of Christmas
Here is a fun workout you can do at home over the Christmas holidays. All you need is a chair and a set of dumbbells (10lbs).
Directions: This is an "add on" workout. Each day represents the number of reps you do. Like the song the 12 Days of Christmas you will go back through the days always ending with the first exercises.
Example: perform 1 Tuck Jump, add on 2 Side Lunges and then start back up at 1 Tuck Jump. Then three burpees, 2 side lunges, 1 tuck jump etc.
1 Tuck Jump
2 Side Lunges (2 ea. side)
3 Burpees
4 Thrusters
5 Dips on chair
6 Over Head Squats (lock out arms!)
7 Shoulder Push ups
8 Bronco Kicks (hands on chair)
9 Push ups (toes on chair)
10 One Arm Snatch (5 reps ea arm)
11 Grasshoppers (plank position, knees to outside elbow)
12 Sit up toe touch (doubled up)
If you have a few more minutes: Start back up at the top and perform all in order 1-12 once through.
Enjoy! Have a Merry Christmas and a fit and healthy New Year!

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